January 9-11 in Lisbon, Portugal at Culturgest in collaboration with the Anthropocene Campus Lisboa: Parallax.

IFIAAR director Aidan Koch led a multi-day workshop titled Funny Animals regarding the use of non-human animals as characters in narratives. Examining historic depictions from animist to Disney, participants discussed the affects these can create on human-animal relations. They also theorized how story-tellers can be sensitive and aware without the ability to directly translate or bestow full agency of the material by looking at behavior and physiological perspective. Outcomes for this seminar asked participants to create short narratives in the form of fiction, poetry, or comic that would bring awareness and thought to under-looked at or villianized species.

The seminar also included lectures by comics historian Pedro Moura and microbiologist Daniela Pinto. It was thoughtfully and passionately facilitated by Ana Mathilde Sousa and Huga Almeida.


<work by Stephanie Geihs, Nuno Direitinho, and Daniel Rourke>




July 28 in New York City, NY at The Cactus Store on 5 Essex St.

This event was a video premier and screening. Titled after the 1977 essay by John Berger, WHY LOOK AT ANIMALS is a contributor based video series documenting witness accounts into the lives of animals. It explores the gaze into otherness through media devices as a way of appreciating, supporting, commiserating, and loving non-human animals. Special thanks to all the humans who sent in videos.




June 30 in New York, NY at Marine Park Salt Marsh, NY with Lala Albert, Aidan Koch, and Suki Sekula

Artists Lala Albert, Aidan Koch, and Suki Sekula led over 20 participants on a walk around NY's Marine Park Salt Marsh doing various drawing exercises and learning to look and draw in the wild.



February 9 in Los Angeles, CA at In Lieu in conjunction with D.R.M. (Defanging Recovery Manual) by Nina Hartmann and Suzanna Zak

IFIAAR Hosted a special evening with a presenation by field biologist Duke Brady on survival and adaptation strategies and a screening of Flatwing by artist and choreographer Madeline Hollander on the chirpless crickets of Kauai, Hawai'i.



December 15-16 in Los Angeles, CA with Johann Mun and House of Ruin

Donated over $1000 to the North Valley Animal Disaster Group and Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation

Consider a direct donation to these groups! They aid in prepardness and calculated reaction to disaster relief for animal victims.


September 14-16 in Portland, OR- Utopian Vision Art Fair

IFIAAR hosted work by Mixed Needs, Shawn Creeden, and Lisa Schonberg


September 2-9th in NYC- CLASSROOM hosted by Entrance

at 48 Ludlow Basement

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