Institute for Interspecies Art and Relations, Inc was started by Aidan Koch in 2017 in Washington State.

IFIAAR was founded on an anti-capitalist mentality despite its operating as a business. In founding the Institution, the hope was to not be bound by the government's ideas of how a philanthropic organization should be managed or how it should act in society. The freedoms offered to corporations is much greater in this country than even that of some individual humans, therefore, IFIAAR is regarded by the US as an S-Corp.

IFIAAR is resolved to using re-usable and recycled material for as much as possible and dedicated to charitable work outside itself that directly improves the lives of animals in this country and the world. 10% of all profits are donated to groups working for animal rights and welfare as listed in the resources page. In order to maintain transparency in its financial management, IFIAAR is open to inquiries into its structure and proof of donations.

For inquiries please email IFIAAR (at) protonmail (dot) com

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