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Kaylee of Duncan, Canada

Tata of Landers, CA


Ruby of Chicago, IL

Ulises of Montacada i Reixac, Barcelona, Spain

Susan of Tampa, FL

Tubu of Berkeley, CA

Cosmo of Freestone, CA

Domingo of Freestone, CA

Smiley of Landers, CA

Hal of Brussels, Belgium






EARTH, Milky Way

Luna of Brooklyn, NY


Mr. Nut of Yucca Valley, CA

Cleopatra of Brooklyn, NY (RIP a very good snake)

Henk of Portland, OR

Turtle of New York, NY

Tallulah of Portland, OR

Curly of Yucca Valley, CA (or wherever you are now~ wishing the best)

Ginger of Freestone, CA


Cesky of Freestone, CA


Maui of Olympia, WA

Brad of Sydney, Australia

Agnès of Brooklyn NY

Friday (RIP friend :( ) and P.V. of Yucca Valley, CA

Prince of Portland, OR

Sol of Montréal, Québec

Tupelo of Los Angeles, CA

Rocky of Brooklyn, NY

Frank of San Francisco, CA

Opal of NY, NY via MX

Princess Sasha of Walsall, UK

Untitled of Oakland, CA (RIP sweet friend)

Mergatroyd of Yucca Valley, CA (RIP dear quail)

Mimi of Berkeley, CA

Chippy of Landers, CA

Sandra of Los Angeles, CA

Luna of Cody, WY

Berry and Michel of Chicago, IL

Chirpee of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Harpo of Spain

Ziggy & Bella of Portsmouth, UK

Isabel of Landers, CA

Willow of New York, NY

Bobo of San Diego, CA

Finn of Los Angeles, CA

Banshee of Durango, CO

St. John of Yucca Valley, CA

Pip of New South Wales, Australia

Lou Ann of Oakland, CA

Otis of Oceanside, CA

Ronan of Oakland, CA

Fıstık of Kaş, Turkey

George of Kaş, Turkey

Lola of Gainesville, FL (RIP sweet one)

Tulip of Landers, CA

Arthur of Los Angeles, CA