The Non-Human Observer

NhO is a seasonal publication where artists, writers, young people, wise elders, old souls, the curious, citizen scientists, and folks of all stripes and abilities can share their interest in and experiences with the non-human world around us. Submissions may take any form, and a short list of examples might include:

Poetry or creative writing
drawings, collage, photographs or comics
scholarly writings, experimental essays or excerpts thereof
your mother's bird journal
musings on the internal life of a volcanic island
a list of forest scents
a eulogy for a beloved companion animal

Or any other creative output inspired by the notions of Observation and the Non-human. I am happy to help talk through an idea or offer my encouragement and enthusiasm if needed. We are interested in publishing new and existing work.

NhO is a collaborative publication lead by Shawn Creeden and supported by IFIAAR

Submissions can be sent to: nonhumanobserver@gmail.com with SUBMISSION in the subject line.

There will be rolling submissions for future issues (Summer, Autumn, Winter, etc) and if you are interested in participating in a deeper way I am seeking collaborators / co-editors to help this vision take shape. Please feel free to share this open call with others who you think may be interested.

NhO is available in print in the store or free online through the link below ^_^

ISSUE #1 includes work by

Chritie MacLean, Eric Mast, Gabi Villaseñor, Clea Partridge, Yasmina Gillies, Amsel Eyting, Zach Whitworth, Cory Pappalardo, Nikita Michelsen, Shawn Creeden, Skylar Onsrud, Gunnar Tchida, Gina Altamura, Rebecca R Peel, Kersti Jan Werdal, Sarah McMenimen, Kricket Lane, Andrew Storrs & Laura Erickson, Ním Wunnan, Sarah Meadows, Martha Daghlian